Survival Tips and Essentials:

The first 72 hours is the most critical time of any emergency disaster. This is when your life is completely disrupted. This is when the greatest amount of property damage, the most accidents, injuries and deaths happen. Get through these first 72 hours, and you and your family will probably survive.

In a disaster, you need 3 basic things to survive - Food, Water and Shelter.

Personal Survival Kit

Packed in a duffel bag or back pack.

2 plastic water bottles (1 gallon total)
1 Bottle of Survival Tabs (emergency food)
Change of warm clothing, underwear, socks, extra shoes
1 bottle of water purification tablets
Blanket or sleeping bag
First Aid Kit (basic)
Space blanket
Plastic ground sheet or garbage can liner
Work gloves

Additional Foods to consider:

Canned beans
Freeze-dry camping foods in pouches
Pilot bread (large dry crackers)
Peanut Butter
Dried Fruit
Cereal or granola bars
Bottles of Survival Tabs


PLEASE, do not forget about your pets needs.
Have a pet carrier close by
Canned or dry food
Extra containers for your pets food and water
Fold up pet cage for smaller animals for housing and shade
Leash and harness
Your pets medication
Bring a toy or two to keep them occupied during the disaster.
Animals stress too.

Advanced Survival Items:

Basic Hand Tools:
Hammer, screw driver, pliers,
all purpose swiss-type knife
G.I. foldable shovel
Battery operated radio
Cooking stove and fuel (pack fuel separate from food)
Cooking and eating utensils
First Aid Kit (advanced)
Waterproof matches and candles
Ziplock bags
First Aid Manual
Toilet Paper
Needles and thread
Portable water purifier
Water containers
Bucket Extra plastic garbage bags
Gun and ammunition for protection and hunting



Everyone should store their Personal Survival Kits in their room in an easy-to-access place. They are responsible for it.
Any additional advanced kits or supplies should be stored in an easily accessible spot known to all members of the family.
It should be determined who will be responsible for these additional kits and supplies ahead of time.
Remember, after a disaster hits, it is too late to prepare. DO IT NOW, and good luck!

"The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good."
- Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

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